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A Holby City community

A community for the BBC medical drama Holby City. Holby City follows the personal and professional lives of the staff at fictional hospital Holby City. Holby City began as a spin-off of the popular drama Casualty, and began airing in 1999.
Holby City airs every Tuesday from 8.00-9.00pm on BBC1.

This community is a place for all fans of Holby. Discuss characters, actors, episodes and topics from the show. Graphic and icon posts are great.

Your maintainers are Elle and Carlie

- Everything posted here must be about or linked to Holby City. News on present and past actors outside of Holby City is acceptable
- Icon and graphic posts are welcomed, as long as they are placed behind an lj cut or linked to another journal
- When posting fanfiction; characters/pairings should be listed, ratings should be given (U, G, 15, 18) and the entry should be posted behind a cut or linked to another journal
- Spoilers and rumours are fine, but please give a warning and place behind a cut
- No bashing of the actors, characters or storylines on Holby City. (However all opinions are welcome)
- Have fun!
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holby_ed - A community for fans of Casualty, Holby's sister show

If you would like to affiliate with us, please post here

A list of our tags can be found here
. When posting entries, tag appropriately.
For example, if you are posting a batch of icons centered around one or two characters,
you would tag the entry with
icons;sam strachan, icons;faye morton
This goes for news topics on actors aswell,
for instance, if you were posting news on an upcoming project by Amanda Mealing,
tag the entry as follows,
news;amanda mealing
Please only use the following tags when posting new entries
[although tags may be used in conjuction with one another as above]
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Friend-lock all icon, graphic, fanfic, video and spoiler posts.



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